Sunday, February 28, 2016

There's Something About...

There’s something about…

A Sunday morning, wrapped up layers of RCR comfy sweats from his side of the closet, listening to Pandora and slurping milk from the bottom of my cereal bowl.

A walk with my dog down to the river bottoms, listening for the water rushing along the banks and watching him dart for every bird, every rabbit and every moving piece for that matter and just breathing it all in.

A run/walk at Tanglewood with my headphones in, layers upon layers with nothing bothering me but the music and if my feet and lungs can keep up with the beat.

A 55-minute workout at Pure Barre, full of challenge and shaking but walking out of there feeling stronger than when I walked in, and not feeling guilty about what it costs per month.

A visit to Baltimore United Methodist church to talk with my dad about what I’m doing with my life and if he’s proud of the person I’ve turned out to be today at 31 years old.

Enrolling myself in an accelerated administrative program, not really knowing if I ever want to pursue the job, but knowing that for my own personal growth I have to try and I have to learn.

A group text with friends who get me and my sense of humor and who don’t judge me for it.

Casting a reel in the pond behind the house, knowing that I won’t touch what comes off, but he will and we will celebrate, no matter how large or small the catch is.

Holding my nephews and snuggling them when I get the chance to because this time will eventually pass.

A box of Bath & Body Works sitting on my front porch, full of those terrific Wallflowers just waiting to fill our home with amazing scents.

A good research article that captures why I do what I do and the benefits of being a teacher in today’s society.

Embracing every deal at Lowe’s food and saving 10 bucks to make me feel like I’ve hit the jackpot on purchasing store-brands even though the name brands taste so much better.

Logging on to Twitter every Saturday and Sunday waiting for a glimpse of my husband doing the job that he loves and doing it so well.

An Instagram meme tag to make me literally laugh out loud when I really shouldn’t.

Wine afternoons with a friend who’s experienced the loss of a parent and our blubbering car conversations long after the vineyard closes.

After school reading meetings or Saturday morning reading trainings to work with those who give up their personal time to learn more.

Hearing the door open at 2am, 3am and sometimes 4am on Monday mornings, know he’s home safe after another weekend away.

Writing checks and watching my hard earned money go away every month to maintain the beautiful home that we’ve built together and made memories in.

Long phone conversations with my California family who’ve done more for me that they even know.

Kind words from co-workers and friends who appreciate what I do in my job, despite the challenges it brings.

Daily deals that reel me in for one more pair of fleece-lined leggings or one more maxi-dress.

Homemade turkey tacos and flour tortillas with a homemade margarita on the side.

Data meetings about our students’ progress in reading at our school, and seeing students’ progress and grow, no matter the results.

Monogramming everything; from clothes to bags, to clipboards to wallets.

Time to reflect on life, and to appreciate the blessings that I have.  To think about what I could always improve on and what I will do to continue enjoying things that “There’s something about…”

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